Operation Safe Driver Week – 5 Things you Need to Know

Keep In Mind for Operation Safe Driver Week Operation Safe Driver Week is July 10-16, 2022, it takes place in the U.S., Mexico, and Canada. The purpose of Operation Safe Driver Week is to reduce the number of crashes involving commercial motor vehicles on North American roadways. In 2022 law enforcement is focused on speeding….

Dump Truck Hits Bridge Cleveland Ohio

Dump truck driving in Cleveland Ohio hits bridge and causes line up on I-77. According to spectators, the dump truck was driving with its bed raised, causing the truck to wedge itself into the bridge. The driver suffered from 10 broken ribs, and was cited for failing to yield. Video of dump truck hitting bridge…

Sprinter Van Repairs at Fleet Fast

Sprinter Van Repairs at Fleet Fast Fleet Fast offers sprinter van repair near you, all over the North East Ohio Region. Sprinter Van Repairs Offered Van Roof Replacement/ Repair. Body Damage Repairs. Rear Cargo Door Repairs. Windshield repairs/ replacements. Van Side body Panels. Swing and Sliding Doors. Bumper Repairs/ Replacements. Bulk Head Replacements. Interior Damage…